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The 2021 DataSecOps Vendor Landscape by DataKitchen

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Our friends at DataKitchen have recently published the 2021 DataOps Vendor Landscape, including the six vendors currently leading the way in the DataSecOps space. Here's what DataKitchen had to say:


DataGovOps and DataSecOps tools apply DataOps principles to data governance and security activities so that they execute in tandem with development and deployment activities.

  • eXate - DataSecOps solution simplifies the way organizations access and share data.

  • Privitar - More data-driven decisions without compromising on privacy. Get more business value from sensitive data — while enhancing privacy protection.

  • Delphix - A software platform that enables teams to virtualize, secure and manage data.

  • Hazy - Generates smart synthetic data that’s safe to use and actually works as a drop-in replacement for real data science, model training and analytics workloads.

  • GenRocket - Achieve Continuous Testing with Enterprise Test Data Generation Our System was designed to help QA teams generate the exact test data they need at a low cost.

  • Varada - Self-optimizing cloud data virtualization platform.

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